Durham County

Election of Parish Councillors for

Thornley Parish


Thursday 6 May 2021

I, John Hewitt being the Returning Officer at the above election, report that the persons whose names appear below were duly elected Parish Councillors for Thornley Parish

Name of CandidateHome AddressDescription (if any)
GRANT Jude  20 Gore Hill Estate, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DS 
MADDISON Patricia  9 Asquith Street, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AQ 
SMITH Dave  14 Shinwell Crescent, Thornley, Co Durham, DH6 3DJThe For Britain Movement
UNSWORTH Joyce  8 Galt Street, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AH 
UNSWORTH Ter  8 Galt Street, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AH 

Public Questions & Answers

Members of the public who wish to ask a question at the next Parish Council Meeting are requested to submit it in writing to the Parish Clerk beforehand so that seating can be reserved and social distancing measures can be maintained during the current Coronavirus Pandemic.

Notice of Parish Meeting

Residents are invited to attend the next meeting of the Parish Council which will be held in the Main Hall of Thornley Village Centre, High Street, Thornley on Tuesday 7th July 2020 commencing 7:00pm.

A copy of the Agenda and the Minutes of the previous meeting can be found elsewhere on the Parish Website.

Whilst the Coronavirus Lockdown measures are being eased, the number of people allowed to attend may me restricted in order to maintain the social distancing measures that are still in place.

Covid 19

The Parish Council wishes to assure all of its residents that it is doing all within its power to support its residents through the current Covid 19 Pandemic which is likely to be the greatest challenge many will encounter in their lifetime.

It is vital that the Parish Council plays its part and will strive to limit the spread of the virus whilst continuing to provide services to the community.

Although the Village Centre staff are now only working from 10:00 until 1:00 pm each day they are providing a remote service to the residents by handing out free weekly activity packs to families which include competitions to keep children motivated and occupied during the lockdown.

In addition they have set up a ‘listening ear’ service for those residents who may need someone to talk to and for those who need additional support, staff have teamed up with local charities and services so they can refer them to specialist services if required.

Although some facilities have had to be closed off to the public, staff continue to maintain the high standard in Ludworth Road Cemetery and carry out grass cutting, strimming & weed-killing operations on all other areas they are responsible for including the 3 children’s play areas, the out-door gym, War Memorial, Welfare Park Football Ground, Village Centre grounds, Village Entrance Stones, Allotments and Parish Paths plus the ongoing maintenance of parish buildings and equipment.

To this end it has altered its working practices to ensure they comply with Government Regulations on social distancing and have provided all their essential workers with PPE to keep staff safe.

Councillors would like to assure residents that they will continue to work hard to maintain services to the community during these difficult times and look forward to the day when once again they are on a position to provide a full range of activities.

In the mean-time they sincerely hope that no one contracts the Covid 19 virus and that all residents remain safe & healthy. 

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