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As some of you may or may not know, Thornley Parish Council recently took over the management of the village centre. Where most things are concerned, this has very little effect on the people of Thornley. It does however mean that there will not be any summer holiday activities for children taking place in the interim. We’ve just hired a new member of staff whose responsibilities include organising events outside of the regularly scheduled sessions (for more information, see Thornley Village Centre’s Facebook page) and look forward to her ideas on engaging the community in a variety of activities and events. The centre was very fortunate to have such a proactive member of staff prior to all these changes and she was ahead of the game with booking the Halloween Disco, Christmas Lights event, and the Christmas Pantomime. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Village Centre on infotvc@btconnect.com and please make sure to check out their Facebook page for information over the coming months.

It was the endeavour of all parties involved to make this an easy transition and for all the regularly scheduled activities to continue taking place. We appreciate the continued support of the community and hope to see increased attendance at all our upcoming events!


Sorry if there has been any confusion about the vacancies posted. The closing dates and interviews took place as stated in the previous post, but the applications and job descriptions were not removed from the website. This has been corrected.