The Parish Council maintains three children’s play areas each of which has a variety of equipment.

In the west of the village is the Ellerby Mews play area which is accessible via a public footpath that crosses from Dunelm Road to the Ellerby Mews housing estate.

In the north of the village the play area is located within Gore Hill Estate.

The third play area is situated at the rear of Bow Street and can be accessed via Hartlepool Street, the main road that runs through the centre of Thornley.

In addition the Parish Council has installed several pieces of outdoor gym equipment in an area adjacent to the Village Centre. All of the equipment is available to use free of charge 24 hours a day.

All equipment is regularly inspected by the Parish Council’s own trained staff, and annually by a specialist company, to ensure compliance with Health & Safety Legislation.

Accidents or injury sustained at any of these locations should be reported to the Parish Clerk immediately.