Lost & Found

We have found some keys outside of Thornley village centre today. Call into the centre to collect them.

Summer Bulletin

Take a look at the first film in our series “A Year in the Life of Thornley Parish Council” by clicking on the link below.


Hope you enjoy it. Please let us know by sending a message.

Who knows we might ask you to star in the Autumn film.

Policies Update

The list of Parish Council’s GDPR polices have been updated.

Please refer to the relevant page for detailed information.

Thornley Past & Present

The Parish Council would love to create a photographic archive of Thornley Past and Present.

To do this we’re asking you if you have any photographs of the village.

It doesn’t matter if you scanned them or historical photos passed down through your family, we’d love to include them in the archive.

Have you any of a relative working in the Thornley Colliery or pictures of the front street.
What about you in your younger days, in a school photo, or just messing about with friends in the street, or those of an important event, or Jazz Band Parade.

If you have any photographs and would like to share with us so we can build up an historical picture album of Thornley please let us know.

Please send any images to admin@thornley-pc.gov.uk or call in to the Village Centre and we’d be happy to add them to the album.

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